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There are two classifications of competitions: - DIGITAL and PRINT 


For each competition, a member may submit up to TWO images. The images can be submitted at any aspect ratio either in colour, toned or monochrome unless the competition has been given a set subject or theme to follow. The dates of the competition and whether it's an Open or Themed subject matter will be detailed on the Society's web site, the Society's Facebook page and regular newsletters.
The format and sizing of images shall follow the guidelines as outlined below. 
To ensure fair and unbiassed assessment, judges will be externally appointed. The judge will be asked to critique each entry and assign a score out of 20. In addition, the judge will determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings and can award “commended” or "Highly Commended" to any entry he/she deems worthy.

  • Unplaced entries that score 18 or above are awarded "Highly Commended" automatically.

  • Unplaced entries that score 17 are awarded "Certificate of Merit" automatically.

Some of the competitions will be either given a set subject or theme to follow. In this instance the image should be the member's visual interpretation of the subject. This interpretation will be taken into consideration by the judge as well as the compositional and technical qualities of the picture. Interpretation as to the whether the image fits the set subject or theme will be at Judges discretion. If, in the opinion of the Judge, the image does not meet the set subject or theme criteria it is likely the image will be marked down.
If the competition has no set subject or theme it will be defined as an OPEN competition. In this case the member has total discretion on genre, subject matter, colour, toned or monochrome. 
Images cannot be entered in more than one competition if they have been awarded a placing or highly commended in previous competitions. Images that are similar to a previously awarded or highly commended image are also excluded. Images not placed and not given highly commended in previous competitions can be submitted in new competitions.


At the end of the season, certificates will be awarded to any member that has achieved a placing or highly commended in any of the season's competitions. Also, the members scores from each of the season's competitions will be summated to give an overall score for the season. This overall score will determine the photographer of the year awards as follows: 

The member with the highest accumulated score for their Digital entries will be the Digital Photographer of the year.
The member with the highest accumulated score for their Print entries will be the Print Photographer of the year.
The member with the highest accumulated score for both the digital and print entries will be awarded the title of Overall Photographer of the year and given the Memorial Trophy to retain until end of the following season.
Submission of images for entry into a competition shall indicate acceptance by the member that these images may be displayed on the Society's website.

the member that these images may be displayed on the Society's website.



Digital entries should be submitted as .jpeg images no larger than 1600px x 1200px, with the 1600px being the horizontal dimension of the image and 1200px being the vertical dimension - even for a portrait image. Images should not be larger than 2.0Mb and they should be saved as a .jpg file with a recommended minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Colour workspace should be set to sRGB.


The title of the image should be in CAPITAL LETTERS for the whole of the title, followed by the word "by" and then the author's name in lower case with capital letters only at the start of each name.


Example:   THE PHOTOGRAPH by John Smith.jpg


The images MUST be submitted via email or handed to the Competition Secretary by no later than MIDNIGHT on the SUNDAY before the date of the competition.


Note: Members should be aware that the DiCentra 4 competition software will resize the image to fit within the aspect ratio of maximum horizonal width of 1600 pixels (px) and maximum vertical height of 1200 px. If the image is larger it will be reduced to fit and conversely if the image is smaller it will be enlarged. Please note small images that are resized bigger will potentially look pixilated and will exaggerate any noise or artefacts within the image reducing the quality of the projected image.



Prints should be mounted, and the mount should ideally be 500mm x 400mm. Mounts in excess of this figure may be excluded at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.


Mounts smaller than 500mm x 400mm will be accepted but members are encouraged to present their images in 500mm x 400mm mounts if possible.


There must be nothing on the front of the print that will give any indication as to the identity of the author. The back of the print, should clearly indicate the title and author’s name on the top edge of the print so that the presenters can confirm the print title, author’s name and know which way the print is to be displayed. 


A digital copy of the print entry, conforming to the same specification as the digital entries MUST be emailed, handed to or posted to the Competition Secretary to be received no later than MIDNIGHT on the SUNDAY before the date of the competition. 


A digital copy is required to allow: -


  • Competition images can be published on the Society’s web site.

  • The image data to be imported into the competition software to assist in the recording and scoring during the evening of the competition.

  • The opportunity to present a digital projection of the prints on the evening of the competition.


The actual print shall be handed to the Competition Secretary no later than 19:15hrs on the date of the competition evening.


Any members requiring guidance on digital sizing, formatting and naming files, print mounting, etc or unsure of the rules are encouraged to contact the Competition Secretary or any other member of the committee who will be only too pleased to offer help and guidance



Competition Secretary:

Tim Ramsay 

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